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- Registration

Registration is not a condition for ordering, but the data is required for invoicing and delivery.

Whether you register or not, please make sure you enter your details accurately.


- Select products and add them to cart

Select the product (s) you want to order, add them to the cart as soon as you are done, select your cart, you can still modify your order on the cart page.


- Order 

In the cart menu, after checking that the appropriate products are in your cart, click the order button.

Choose the shipping method that works for you and move on.

Choose your payment method and move on.

Check the details and if you have any other requests, please post them in the comment tab, then click the "Order" Button.


- After the order

In case of an unsuccessful credit card payment,  you do not have to worry, the  order will be deleted  from the system after a certain time, you will not be obliged to pay , in which case please try to place your order again, even immediately.

If you do not receive a notification or cannot find your order, or if you have any other problems, please contact us:  contact us.