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MS Office Activation Guide


Instructions for telephone activation are provided below.

After downloading the software and clicking on activation within it, select the following. 

Now click Next to continue.
The telephone activation section appears.

Once you have determined the type of installation ID that is displayed (6 or 7 digits, section 1 in Example 7)
Go to

On the page, select the appropriate 6 Digits or 7 Digits:

Now select 6 or 7 digits to start phone activation.

Enter the installation ID (this is the 7-digit or 6-digit ID that you find in the program) in the appropriate fields, and then click Submit.

When you are then prompted to respond how many times you have installed this product, enter 0. Then (Submit).

The automated system verifies the installation ID and generates a confirmation ID.

Carefully enter the confirmation ID on your computer and press the following button.

Activation is successful if the following is displayed on the screen:

In case of any problems, please follow the instructions on the following page
Thank you!