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Software activation

Software Activation

Activation guide:

In case of purchasing digital products, software, game keys, we will send an activation guide by e-mail together with the code.

This makes it very easy to activate your purchased digital product step by step in 5-10 minutes.


Activation Failed

If you have any problems during activation, please check that the product has been tested on the appropriate platform for activation (Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc.) and that you have followed the included activation instructions.

Find it by email

If you still can't, contact  us at  , for a faster, smoother process, we recommend the following sample:


Email Subject: Unsuccessful Activation

Please attach a picture of the error message to the email and include the order ID in the email, and describe if you have any other comments, questions or requests.


Based on these, we will investigate the case and return or replace the product as soon as possible.