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Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)
Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)
28.09 $

Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)

Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)
Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)
Windows 7 Pro (Digital Key)

Type: Digital Key (Downloadable)

Payment Method: Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Shipping: Usually Immediately (within 1 day) via email.

Publisher: Microsoft

28.09 $
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Windows 7 Professional

The most advanced operating system to meet the needs of users

Many useful features make working on your computer faster and more efficient than ever before. Windows 7 Professional sets a high standard for interacting with printing, projection, or networking devices. The Windows XP Mode feature allows you to use Windows XP-compatible programs and will work more efficiently due to the high speed and stability of the system and support for multi-core processors. It allows you to run multiple applications at once. The system supports the connection of multiple computer screens, and even if you use only one monitor, you will surely find the Windows auto-halving feature useful by dragging windows and other functions.

Remote Desktop - Use your computer from anywhere

Remote Desktop lets you access multiple devices online over the Internet. This allows you to use a remote computer that has all your programs and files on it, as if you were sitting right next to it. So regardless of Whether you want to use a computer at work at home or help your family or friends with a computer problem, you can always find this feature.

Advanced backup = no worries

The "Backup and Restore" feature lets you worry about your apps and data. Simply set up automatic data backup on an external media or network device and just keep working. In the event of a disk failure, the selected media will be recovered and you can continue working.

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< span> HomeGroup - Share your files

With Windows 7, you can easily share your documents, music, videos, photos, or even your printers with everyone in your family. The system allows you to select what is shared and what remains private or read-only. Are you afraid of losing your data? Don't be - just set a password for your homegroup, and only those you give them access to will share your shared data.

< strong> Connect to a corporate network - simple and easy

Windows 7 Professional Lets you securely connect to a corporate network and share your documents with colleges. Use the "View Available Networks" toolbar at the bottom to connect to a wireless or VPN telephone network with three simple clicks.

  • Software key
  • Proof of purchase (invoice)
  • Download the installation file
16 GB (32-bit) ; 32 GB (64-bit)
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