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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
118.03 $

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

Type: Digital Key (Downloadable)

Payment Method: Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Shipping: Usually Immediately (within 1 day) via email.

Publisher: Microsoft

118.03 $
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Type Software Package
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Reinstallable - Linked to a Microsoft account.

Office 2019 Professional

< p> Let Office 2019 Professional help you easily manage your day-to-day tasks in the office (or at home). The program has everything you need to create great-looking, professional-looking documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. It introduces new and improved features, new intuitive looks, templates, ink tools, data types, translation and editing tools, spreadsheets, and motion graphics. It also provides better integration with Windows Rights Management for Windows Server, Exchange Data Loss Prevention, and more!

Important : Microsoft Office 2019 products are only supported on Windows 10.

Not yet available with Windows 10 ? Take a look at Office 2016 > for our offer - the package is also compatible with older versions of Windows.

A Word 2019 < Contains lots of new features, templates, and tools to create good-looking, structured documents in seconds. Advanced grammar recognition technology and Microsoft Translator are great for writing so your documents are always ready to go, no matter what language you're writing in. From now on, you can also calculate complex equations in your documents, the new with built-in LaTeX math problem solver!

Using Excel 2019 you can easily work with large amounts of data at once. Create spreadsheets based on templates and create transparent documents from your data. Excel 2019 includes the following new and useful features: charts, with which you can compare the values ​​and categories of different geographical regions; Scalable Vector Graphics, funnel charts to compare the values ​​measured at different stages of a given process, and the 'Ink Equation' feature, which lets you perform complex math - and more! Users can also publish between Excel and Power BI and use Inquire to find errors and inconsistencies in spreadsheets in Excel & Power Pivot compared to Office 2019 . < / span>

A Publisher 2019 makes it easy to create a wide variety of personalized, professional-looking publications. Whether it's a newsletter, marketing or sales, print or web publication, you can get the best results easily and quickly with Publisher.

Outlook 2019 the best program for managing email, contacts, tasks, and personal and group calendars > , and tracking. The program includes long-built features as well as many new features to help you work efficiently. One of the main novelties is the so-called Focused Inbox feature that allows you to split your inbox ; your most important emails will be marked Focused and less important messages will be marked Other . This efficient management system allows you to easily analyze, summarize and present huge amounts of data. The latest version includes plenty of enhanced tools and features. The Large Number data type does not allow the storage of financial, numeric values ​​(and is also compatible with the SQL_BIGINT data type in ODBC). Thanks to these types of data, you can calculate and process huge numbers much faster and more efficiently. You can also take advantage of new charts that support dBase or Property Sheet !

  • Software key
  • Proof of purchase (invoice)
  • Download the installation file
16 GB (32-bit) ; 32 GB (64-bit)
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