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Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049
18.93 $

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 ENG 79G-05049

Type: Digital Key (Downloadable)

Payment Method: Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Shipping: Usually Immediately (within 1 day) via email.

Publisher: Microsoft

18.93 $
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Essential tools for every task. Office 2019 Home and Student is designed for students and families who want to use classic Office applications, including Word, Excel, OneNote applications for PowerPoint and Windows 10. One-time purchase, can be installed on a PC or Mac for school or home use.

Word 2019 makes it even easier create professional-looking documents: edit and check print content in a single session. In addition, the previously well-known search feature is missing from the program, so even beginners can quickly access all of the key tools in Word 2019. An all-new feature in Office 2019 Home and Student is handling SVG graphics that are easier to scale and move, such as JPG or PNG images. Users of the stylus and touch screen will also appreciate the improved handwriting recognition. This is especially useful for taking notes.

Of course, PowerPoint 2019 is the best tool for presentations: with the well-known app, slides and we can create complete presentations in a professional design. In this way, ideas and data can be displayed spectacularly, supplemented with audio material. What's new in Office 2019 and all other versions is that PowerPoint can now handle Ultra HD images, so you can now embed 4K videos in your slides. Improved support for enlarging and scaling photos and other graphics eliminates the need for separate image editing programs. Whether it's a simple slide show or a complex, multi-page presentation, PowerPoint 2019 is the ideal choice.

Excel 2019 license entitles customers to use the well-known spreadsheet application. The data is entered intuitively and processed in a clear way. Keyboard shortcuts give you quick access to the basic features of Excel that you need in everyday work. The new version includes advances in mathematical functions, among other things, which are available in larger numbers as part of the package. In addition, the application provides new ways to visually display data, providing users with a variety of visualization tools. This will save you time while still enjoying the well-known workflow in Excel.

OneNote is no longer a direct part of Office 2019 Home and Student package. Instead, you can download the program from the Windows Store on demand.

Microsoft has also removed compatibility with older versions of Windows. Your device must be running Windows 10 or Windows 10S to use Office 2019 and its applications. However, customers will receive a final license, for which Microsoft will provide updates for at least five years. Unlike Office 365, there are no subscription fees.

Storing data in OneDrive may incur costs

Includes :
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for Windows 10.

< strong> Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student License :

  • One-time purchase, lifetime license
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  • Software key
  • Proof of purchase (invoice)
  • Download the installation file
16 GB (32-bit) ; 32 GB (64-bit)
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