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The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack Cd Key EA Origin
The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack Cd Key EA Origin
90.66 $

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack Cd Key EA Origin

Type: Digital Key (Downloadable)

Payment Method: Credit Card, Bank Transfer

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90.66 $
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Requires THE SIMS 4 on Origin in order to use.

This product includes The Sims 4 - Discover University Expansion Pack. Base game required.

The top 3 reasons to play The Sims 4 - Discover University

  1. Begin a new chapter for your Sim when they enroll in the historical University of Britechester or modern Foxbury Institute.
  2. Meet, Mingle, and Explore - How your Sim embraces college life is up to them.
  3. Express Your Campus Style - Make your Sim's space cozy with dorm room decor that reflects their personality.

About The Sims 4 - Discover University

  • Pre-order now to hit the books and show your school spirit in The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack, where Sims enroll in school, explore collegiate experiences, and enjoy extracurricular activities. Take classes that set your Sims up for success in engineering, education, or law careers. Discover Robotics and ping-pong, plus make some mischief pulling pranks against the rival school. Study hard, sleep in, and high-five the school mascot - just make sure to keep those grades up.
  • Live in a dorm room or off-campus, explore Britechester on a bicycle, spend time in the student commons, and have a study session at the library. Cheer on the student body at a school spirit event and wear school colors to show your Sim's pride.
  • Sims enroll in theUniversity that piques their interest, finding classes in biology, computer science, art history, and even villainy. Attend a lecutre or work on term papers and presentations - the more your Sim learns, the better they will be in careers like teaching, law, and engineering. Going to classes or blowing them off will affect your Sim's grades, so time management is a must.
  • They can study all night to complete homework or chill out and sleep in. And, with activities like juice pong, juggling a soccer ball and hanging out with roommates, taking a break has never been so fun! Plus, your Sim can join school organizations like robotics, debate, art or even a mysterious secret society. As the school year progresses, Sims become their best selves and discover who they are meant to be.


  • Software key
  • Proof of purchase (invoice)
  • Download the installation file
16 GB (32-bit) ; 32 GB (64-bit)
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