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Windows Server 2016 Standard
Windows Server 2016 Standard
15 585,22

Windows Server 2016 Standard

Windows Server 2016 Standard
Windows Server 2016 Standard
Windows Server 2016 Standard

Típus: Digitális Kulcs (Letölthető)

Fizetési mód: Bankkártya, Átutalás

Szállítás: Általában Azonnal (Maximum 1 napon belül), E-mailen keresztül.

Kiadó: Microsoft

15 585,22
Bonusový bod: 155,85 Kč


  • Disaster Recovery - Automatic secure offsite data backup

  • Increased application uptime through multi-site failover clustering

  • Flexible and cost-effective data storage

  • Combine on-premises servers with cloud on your terms

  • Virtualize your applications to decrease costs and increase flexibility

This product is an online digital code. It will be delivered to your registered e-mail adress within a couple of working hours from the time of the order.
Product Activation

Convert Windows Server Evaluation Editions to Standard

If you, like me, have quickly built a new server or VM using the Evaluation download from Microsoft, you will find that when you get your license and try to plug it in, it won’t work.  You cannot simply use an otherwise valid on an evaluation copy of Windows Server. 

But fret not, the solution is quite simple.  You merely need to run this command from an elevated command prompt: 

DISM /online /Set-Edition: /ProductKey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /AcceptEula 

The Edition ID will be ServerStandard, and then insert your product .  The server will run through the image conversion process, then restart twice. 

After the server has restarted, you will need to re-activate the server and enter the in again.

It is important to note that if you’ve used an evaluation edition to build a domain controller, you cannot change the edition.  You will need to either build a new domain controller, or demote the evaluation edition domain controller, set the version id, and then promote it again.

This can activate ONE windows Eszköz, only ONE time. After activation process is done, you will NOT be able to use the same again.
Formatting the hard drive will effectively erase the . You can NOT transfer the licence to other computer.

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